Living on Mission (Just the beginning)

I’m on a mission. I don’t completely have my arms wrapped around this mission but I’m determined to live my life in such a way I take Jesus at His word. I have so much stirring in my heart. I know God wants to shift my thinking and move me in the direction of a radical walk for Jesus and not settle for anything less. I’m not nearly as eloquent with my words so I’ll borrow from Interrupted, Brandon Hatmaker quotes Rick Meigs when he says:

Missiologist Rick Meigs described missional as “a life where ‘the way of Jesus’ informs and radically transforms our existence . . . where we adopt a missionary stance in relation to our culture. He went on to revel that “making this shift can be difficult for many . . . but to fully appreciate what the missional church is, we must look out of our traditional understanding of how we do church and realign ourselves with the biblical narrative.

For me this journey starts with unlearning and letting go of some thoughts about what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus. I’m nowhere near being able to fully grasp what it means to take Jesus at His word. I feel like I’m just beginning to scratch the surface of missional living. I want to be intentional about living the gospel wherever God places me.

For me missional living means starting small and acting when the Holy Spirit prompts me to do something. It can be as small as picking up a piece of trash that most people walk past or speaking to a co-worker in the elevator when I’d rather be scrolling through my Instagram feed. I know how these small acts of obedience can make a big difference in my life and the lives of the people I encounter. I’d challenge you to act the next time you feel the Holy Spirit prompting you even if it feels like an insignificant act.

Missional living (in my life) is about being intentional with how I spend my time reaching people. I know the Lord has called me to love and minister to the homeless community in my city. This means learning to incorporate my calling into my everyday life (not limiting it to certain days/times) and even though I work a full-time job this ministry becomes full-time. It’s networking with other people who share the same calling, educating people I work with on homelessness and using my network to make an impact in the homeless community. I could share dozens of stories about people I’ve shared my passion with and have seen them donate their time, supplies or money to help. I believe this is how we start to live on mission. It begins by understanding even though you don’t consider yourself a “full-time missionary” because of your day-job you can still pursue your calling full-time.

My perspective on missional living will continue to grow and develop as I walk through different seasons but at the center is Jesus. Loving His people will forever be my mission. I pray that we always use love to leverage our relationships and take seriously the command to love one another. I’m fully aware that not everyone is comfortable spending time on the streets but I would like to challenge you to start loving the people that God has placed in your life today and see how God uses you in their lives (and them in your life for that matter). I’m praying that through loving people you experience more of Jesus and that your life is forever changed by these encounters.

2 thoughts on “Living on Mission (Just the beginning)

  1. This is a great new blog page! Explaining and teaching us to “Live on Mission” everyday of our lives no matter what season we are in; what a challenge! I hope I can gain a lot and live “my” mission daily. Thank you for sharing. Love you, Mom


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