Don’t Miss Right Here

Day after day, week after week, I kept coming back to the same thought, “you’re missing it.” It wasn’t a good feeling. If you know me, even at a surface level, you know I don’t like missing out. I was the little girl who didn’t want to take naps for fear I would miss something really important (this also meant I was the grouchy little girl because I missed my nap). Feeling like I was missing something didn’t settle well. I prayed about my feelings, I talked to close friends and I read books (continue to read them) like it’s my job. Then one evening straight to my heart I heard the Lord say, “just follow me?” It sounded so simple and I thought – haven’t I been doing that all along? So, my next question, because I’m a planner by nature, where next God? My question wasn’t met with the answer I was hoping.

A little history would be helpful – I recently left a life behind, like completely left it, no turning back – quit my job, packed everything I could fit in my SUV and drove to Charlotte, NC. I knew with all my heart the Lord was calling me to Charlotte for something greater. I had no idea what this greater thing would be, but I did it – I took a small step of faith and left a comfortable (not always healthy) life. Fast forward a little over a year later and I realized I’m coming down from this spiritual high, taking God at His word “go” and now I’m ready for the next big adventure. Where are you going to send me? I mean, didn’t I hear you say, “just follow me,” so I’m going somewhere new, right? [Side note: I have an awesome life here – great church, wonderful friends and a city I love.]

He didn’t answer my question with a new location – despite my best attempt at introducing places I thought He would like to send me (Hint, Hint God – like He really needs any hints). Instead He asked me to meet Him here, right where I am, and follow Him even if that means staying.  I’m absolutely guilty of wanting to do big things for God (guess that’s not such a bad thing), I want to be a world changer and God says, “You can be a world changer right where I have you.”

So. . .  I’ll follow Him by staying, which let me tell you, I think is much harder than going, but I’ve learned that we grow the most during the stretch. Staying not going to a new place is a stretch for me. It’s a daily struggle to not look for a “big” way (translation: move somewhere) that I can make an impact for God. But I believe if I’ll do the work He has put in front of me, if I’ll care for the poor right here in Charlotte and if I’ll love my neighbors [right here] God will bless these acts of obedience, however big or small they may seem in my mind.

Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much… [Luke 16:10]

And maybe someday, or maybe not, He will send me somewhere new again, but until that time I’ll make the most of every opportunity. If we will choose to see our opportunities from a higher perspective then we will see they all are God ordained opportunities. Don’t miss what God has put right in front of you.

Helpful Resources:
Elevation Church: Get Back – Embrace Your Place
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One thought on “Don’t Miss Right Here

  1. I think God has you doing exactly what He wants you to do right there on the streets of Charlotte. It’s a little far from home but…God’s in charge and he knows best! Love you, Mom


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