Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

If I’m not in the kitchen I have my nose stuck in a book or maybe I’m catching up on my favorite cooking shows but either way books play a key role on my journey

I wanted to devote some space to the finished books on my night stand. I’m writing down my thoughts as an exercise in slowing down.

Let me start by saying I’m a huge fan of Elizabeth Gilbert. I read Eat, Pray, Love in my early (very impressionable) twenties and it resonated with me. In that season it was eye opening, enlightening, and downright inspiring. I wanted to be Elizabeth. I wanted to eat, pray and love.

When Big Magic hit book stands I was torn. I love Elizabeth Gilbert but I don’t believe in magic; miracles certainly but not magic. I believe in the Holy Spirit’s work in my life. Over the last few years I have been introducing new authors who are outside the religious sector. I think like movies and music being intentional with books is crucial to our spiritual well-being. It takes the work of the Holy Spirit in your life to be able to discern the difference between the world and the work of Lord. I opened Big Magic ready to read through a different lens. I was ready to see miracles instead of magic. I was pleasantly surprised when I finished the book in less than a week and took away some very practical lessons in creativity.

I try really hard to write captivating, encouraging and thought provoking content. Some days it’s harder than others which is normal but I have lingering thoughts of “what if people don’t like what I write,” or “no one is going to read this anyway.” Elizabeth helped me realize I have been writing from a place of failure. I haven’t been giving myself a chance to just be me. And so from today forward I write because I enjoy it. Perhaps, this space will be become more of a journal. A record of my growth as a human. And if someone feels encouraged or challenged through a post then all the glory to God.

Elizabeth reminded me I am unique. I don’t come to conclusions that are new or ground breaking but simply important to me in each season of life. Pastors have been sharing the same message for years but from their personal perspective. And here’s what I realized no one says it like me and we need more people who are willing to share their creativity. We were created by the Creator of the Universe. It would be a loss not to share what the Lord has placed on my heart even if it’s only for my own growth.And lastly, I learned the importance of being a place for ideas to land. In my world, this means I need to create space every day for the Lord to speak and move in my life.

There you have it. These aren’t new or ground breaking themes but when I sat down to read Big Magic I created space for the Lord to teach me something through a different channel. You can find the Lord in anything and everything if you’ll just take the time, slow down, and look.

I’ll end with this, buy Big Magic. Start creating. Whatever that looks like for you is absolutely perfect because there is no one that can do what YOU do. Happy creating friends.

Image Source: Facebook user Elizabeth Gilbert



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