Traditions and waffles.

As an almost married couple Nathan and I have had many conversations about traditions and the importance of creating them with our future family. We want to take yearly family vacations, have special Saturday breakfasts, and crock pot Sunday to name a few. Besides our vacations can you see a theme – life around the table and in the kitchen. We aren’t waiting for our future family to start these traditions. We share special Saturday breakfasts and Sundays are reserved for us and our crock pot.

Since reading Simply Tuesday I now refer to these traditions as small moment living or our Tuesday moments. If you haven’t read the book I would encourage you to grab a copy. We live in a world that moves so fast; we drive fast, we eat fast, we communicate fast and well you get the point. We can get lost in this world and miss out on all the small moments making our lives spectacular. There is nothing big about these traditions but the small details make them oh so special moments. I cook the meals, Nathan sets the table, we pray together, and share a meal around our table. The clean-up is shared and sometimes we are running into one another but we don’t mind it’s all part of the process.

I share our small traditions with you because I love the idea of families setting aside time to be together and do something over and over. The older I get the more I believe that life is shaped around the table. We can’t survive without food and so the table is one place we can come together each night and be together as a unit. Jesus shared a very important meal with his disciples around a table and I think we should do the same with our families.

All this talk of traditions made me want to share our favorite waffle recipe. The idea of having one recipe that I can count on time after time is comforting. Without much thought I can throw ingredients into a mixing bowl, stir and create something to nourish us. I came across this waffle recipe and I have made it weekend after weekend. These waffles freeze great if you have extras and are pretty tasty treat on a random Tuesday. If your looking for a little twist we have also enjoyed this recipe a time or two. Happy waffle making. Oh, and if you need an inexpensive and easy-to-clean waffle maker check out this one.

I would love to know what traditions you share with your family.



One thought on “Traditions and waffles.

  1. How wonderful it is for me, your momma to see you and Nathan making family traditions important. They are memories that will be etched into your heart and soul forever. Besides that daddy and I love the crockpot Sunday recipes you’ve shared with us! God willing I for one can hardly wait to share “time around the table” with you and your family. Love you bunches! Keep blogging and sharing, Momma 🐼❤️🍇


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